Guide to Find & Outbound Geo Domain Name

Geo Domain Names are working great nowadays and many people are seeing this as an opportunity to make some good fortune out of it. So can you also. I have made this guide to help people who have some good knowledge about the domain name industry and want to add some more income to their sales using Geo domain names.

Finding the right domain that sells is the toughest part of the domain industry. Every day thousands of domain names are registered and dropped. Some people just randomly register a domain name without proper research and later they find that the domain is not worth and waste money.

Today I am going to share some steps I personally follow, tools, and sites that are free to use.

Why Geo Domains?

You must be wondering why only geo domains, and why not any other domains. Well, here’s is the simplest answer to it. Every business needs customers to make a profit and local business depends upon regional customer which are their targeted audience. Geo domains work great with search engines as they refer to exact search terms. This kind of domain also attracts type-in traffic. Below are some more pros and cons of Geo Domains.

  • Easy to remeber
  • Creates trust
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast ads approval
  • Attracts targeted customers
  • Long names
  • Can’t create brand
  • Needs some SEO knowledge to work with

Geo Domain Sales History

Domain Price Date Venue 115 USD 2020-04-10 GoDaddy 104 USD 2020-04-05 GoDaddy 107 USD 2020-04-02 GoDaddy 113 USD 2020-03-20 GoDaddy 138 USD 2020-03-14 GoDaddy 205 USD 2020-02-06 GoDaddy 215 USD 2019-12-21 GoDaddy 265 USD 2019-12-18 GoDaddy 100 USD 2019-10-04 GoDaddy 149 USD 2019-09-26 GoDaddy 142 USD 2019-09-02 GoDaddy 193 USD 2019-07-20 GoDaddy 197 USD 2019-05-01 GoDaddy 130 USD 2019-02-28 GoDaddy 102 USD 2019-02-28 GoDaddy 305 USD 2019-02-23 GoDaddy 124 USD 2019-02-23 GoDaddy 409 USD 2019-02-04 GoDaddy 160 USD 2019-01-16 DropCatch 192 USD 2018-12-03 GoDaddy 120 USD 2018-09-21 GoDaddy 120 USD 2018-07-24 GoDaddy 220 USD 2018-07-15 NameJet 275 USD 2018-07-14 GoDaddy 7,000 USD 2018-06-12 Sedo
Source: Namebio

Now you know the power of Geo domain names and how much revenue they can generate. Its time we learn how to find domains that actually sells.

Finding Geo Domain Names: 5 East Steps

The best and fastest way to search domains is by using This website contains a database of the domain which was registered and dropped coz either owner lost interest or forgot to renew. To save time we are going to use this for speeding up our process of keyword research. Follow the below steps and you will find some good domains in no time.

Step 1: Go to Expired Domains

Sign up and login to ExpiredDomains.

Step 2: Selecting right TLD

Go to Deleted .com page from menu. See below Image

Step 3: Applying correct filters

Click on the Show filter button. In the common tab apply the below-mentioned filters. You can also keep words like agency, property, house, villas, etc. in ends with text box. Add one more filter ( Second Image) and click Apply Filter. Now you will see lots of geo domains dropped recently. In addition to my filters, you can also add some city names with a large population in starts with text box, usually, they have more searches.

Domain Filter
Common tab filter
Filter 2
Additional tab filter

Step 4: Analyse number of potential buyers

Check for google search results. Type exact keywords in the search box. Check if any ads are showing in the result page. If you see at least 3 ads then check for google map results, more business listed means more number of buyers. Check for more than 100 business results on google maps.

Step 5: Check keyword search volume

Check the search volume for the keyword. You can use any chrome extension for that. There are plenty of extensions available on the chrome store.

There is no such tool which can give exact search volume so take them as estimated search volumes and do some more research.

Follow below check list

Things to keep in mind while selecting a Geo Domain

  • Google Search result must have atleast 3 ads
  • Google Maps result should be more than 100
  • Stick to US Geo names
  • Domain name should be “geo+keyword+service/agency/villas/properties”
  • Should not contain brand name in domain
  • Search volume should be more than 3k Per month
  • Maximum 4 words including city or geo name
  • Always go for .com domain extension
  • Clean anchor history

Once every thing is clear you are ready to register domain.

OK, now we have the domain all we need is a buyer.
Everyone has their own way of finding a buyer. I will tell you what I do for finding them. Also, I will share an email copy that I really use.
Getting a potential buyer is very essential if you want to sell your geo domain name easily. I came here in a very hard way learning from mistakes and wasting time which I would like if you don’t have to waste.

Find a buyer using Google Search

We all know how to use google, the basic thing we learned and probably you landed hear using that. So, here are few simple steps you can use to find potential buyers.

Step 1: Searching google

Search your exact keyword in google. If you want to get search results from the United States Google you can use a chrome extension called NightWatch.

Step 2: Collecting sites on Ad results (if ads are showing)

Take out all the websites for which ads are shown. Check ads at the top of the result page (check the 1st image below) and at the bottom of the result page (check the 2nd image below). Check the first five pages of search results.

SERP top ads
SERP Ads at top of page
SERP Ads at Bottom
SERP Ads at bottom of page

Create an excel sheet and list those domain names for extracting emails for later.

Step 3: Optimizing search result

Change search settings in google. Follow below procedure.

  1. Goto Search settings.
    Google Search Setting
  2. Set Results per page to 100 and Save.
    Setting result to top 100
  3. Clear Captcha, I’m not a robot.
    Robot Captcha
  4. Click on tools. Change Any time to the last 24 hours.
    Last 24 hours results

This will help you get business or site trying to rank for this keyword. Check results for 2-3 pages and note down all the business sites you can find.

Doing this will get you around 20-30 business of potential buyers.

Find a buyer using Google Maps

By the time you completed the above steps, you must know what we are looking for and had seen many different business models. We will do something similar to maps as we did with search results.

Step 1: Searching on maps

Goto and search for your keyword.

Step 2: Collect websites

Collect all the URLs of business websites and save them in the excel sheet. Visit up to 100 results.

That’s all isn’t it simple?

ohh wait this is not the end. You need emails to pitch. Let’s get to it.

Extracting Emails

Finding emails of the right person is going to be hard and we have more than 100 businesses to find the email for. So to make it easier we are going to use another chrome browser extension called Hunter. It can extract all the emails available on the internet for a particular website.

  • Free 50 searches per month
  • One click to use
  • suggests email format that business uses
  • Shows confidence score
  • You can manage leads from dashboard
  • Reduce manual work
  • Paid after 50 searches
  • $49 per month, So costly

There are other similar tools as well which you can find but this is the most reliable tool I ever found.

So this was the easy way but have some limitations if you don’t want to pay. But what If I tell you I have a way which is free and will always be free?

Yes, there is but it will take more time and doesn’t guarantee success. Say a hard way.

All you need to do is go to google and search. The question is what to search and how to. Let’s take an example I want to find the email of someone working in XYZ company and they have a domain name which is so to find the email of that domain name I’ll search the following.


Once you search you will see search results having that domain name mentioned on it. Now you need to do some manual work. You need to go through all the result pages and see if you can find any email address in the result as shown below.

Mostly you will need to search up to 10-15 pages or you can increase search results per page as previously mentioned here. This will take time but once you see sales coming you will know they were worth it.

Collect all the emails you can and save them in excel.

Connecting to Business with no email

Sometimes you will not find email coz either they don’t have or don’t use. In such cases what you can do?

Here you will need to do some extra work to reach out to them.

  1. Search their contact us page or Our team page ( if they have any). It happens much time that small business uses Gmail or other basic mail services if there are only 1 or 2 people managing all inquiries.
  2. Look for social media pages on their site. Check if they are active on such pages. Do reach out to them there only if they are active otherwise leave it.
    How to know if they are active? If they have at least one post in the last month means they are active.
  3. Find them on LinkedIn and connect to them.
  4. You can fill their contact form. ( Do it only if all above methods fails)

Great that’s all for this part. Now we know whom to target and where to reach out to them.

Connecting using email

We all know emails are important to us and we don’t like to get spammed, the same goes for businesses they also don’t like spam. So make sure your email doesn’t look spammy.

How to write outreach email?

Writing an email is not a hard part but presenting it is. You need to choose the right words and format them properly.

Points to keep in mind while writing email.

  • Make a catchy subject or just use keyword as subject
  • Always have a greeting at the begining
  • Mention your purpose in second or max third line
  • Make a great pitching speach which converts
  • Thanking message and ask for revert
  • Mention your name and contact details like Phone no.,address,email
  • Add an Unsubscribe link (You can just add link to your mail)

If you follow the above checklist your mail will have the least chances of landing in spam.

Here’s a email copy I use.


Our client owns the domain name “”, now they are ready to sell the domain to a new owner.

Looks like you are in the same business and listed in Google search and map for the same keyword. It’s an exact match keyword domain, monthly search volume of 1000+ with CPC $10.17. The domain is quite good for your business expansion, establishing authority and online presence in the area of its work. You can use the domain name for branding or creating landing-pages / mini-websites to capture more leads or redirect it to your existing main website to get direct traffic.

Let us know if you are interested in acquiring the domain name?

Connect on LinkedIn | +91-9727349000 | Unsubscribe

Feel free to use it and you can make changes according to yourself.

Which mail to use?

Many people use a fresh email to send an email. Or use a fake email. I would suggest being as authentic as possible. Be real and always share correct information. Using Gmail or your custom domain email address both are good just make sure both have some online presence if someone search it should come out to be you.

If you want to use fresh email make sure you subscribe to few newsletters so that it makes your incoming and outgoing mails look natural and reduce chances of your mail landing into the spam folder.

How to send and track mail?

If you did proper research of all business you must know which have higher chances of converting. I suggest to send them mail individually.

Otherwise, you can always make a set of 10 emails and send them via BCC every 1 hour send one mail. To make this task easier you can also use a tool called Gmass.

Features of Gmass:

  • Connect to google sheet and automate email sending from there
  • Analytics for tracking mail
  • Scheduling mail so you don’t have to be around
  • Can send more than 500 emails which is a limit if you do it manually
  • Auto followup
  • Email list builder
  • Unsubscribe link

These all features come at a price starting just as less as $9 per month. Just imagine if you can crack one domain sales at as low as $100 which was hand registered for $9 you still make $82 profit. And if you are looking to make this your full time you can easily make $2k-$3k per month. Gmass is a one-time investment.

Check more about feature and pricing here.

When and how to take followup?

You should always wait for at least 1 week before sending a followup mail. I will suggest waiting for 2 weeks. And try not to spam them with followups it may result in marking you as spam and future emails might get affected.

Send a small message of 4 or 5 lines asking them if they did receive any of the previous mail and are they still interested in it.

Responding to Queries and Interested buyers

Try to respond as soon as possible and provide some insightful details about domain or any case study (you can find some on the internet) to show them how well this geo domain name converts.

Answer the queries in detail as possible. Provide all the information and do not bluff. Business owners are smart in investing they do their homework and so we also need to do our own.

Sending counter offers

Always wait for the buyer to send an offer and wait for a few hours after receiving an offer. Always chose a sweet spot which is around 300-500 USD in this range you can easily convert. Send some previous related sales. You can find sales history on Godaddy appraisal or Namebio.

Making a sale

Once both of you agree on a price you make the sale. Try to make this process as simple as possible for them. Always go with a domain brooking sites like DAN, Sedo, Uniregistry, etc. Leave rest to their customer service to take care of it.

What after sale?

Well you made it. Isn’t that enough?

Just kidding. No money is just enough :p
So here’s what you can do to make few more bucks after the sale. The upsell.

All you need to do is send them a thank you mail and ask them if they are interested in services like lead generation or SEO. There are plenty of freelancers ready to do that for around 200-300 USD. You can pitch that service to them and make a contract of 6 or 12 months and convert them to recurring profit. Outsource the service if you don’t do it inhouse and one less thing to worry about.

Always save this for after sales. Do not mention it anywhere before sales.

If you can’t find any freelancer reach out to me 😛

Get back to making more sales. And do what you are good at.

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